The culture of a people and the mark of every generation is in the tonality of their songs and rhythm. In it lies the underlying passion behind their action and ideologies that drives their culture portrayed in the organized orchestration of classics is the Cultural Revolution and renaissance of the white man. Saddled in the deep blue of subjective improvisation, punctuated with random vocal dynamic of high chants lies the undying courage and passion of the black man in captivity. Truly our song is our identity.

Barely out of secondary school, had Amigo Peerez started out on a career in music. In 1988, for which there was no ready market. No record label was willing to sign him on in spite of the high commendations he got. All they had for him was a word of advice requesting him to redefine his music as one of the high life and native singer for a recording deal.

Amigo Peerez continued with his education at then Auchi Polytechnic now Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo state, rather than compromise his style of music. Between 1991 and 1998, he was in the Polytechnic interjecting his education to raise fund to personally push his music.

All these are what the promotional album of a new coroner on the block promises to make up for. Today we stand not just to celebrate the eccentricity of a Gospel singer, but the triumph of art over entertainment and vocal mastery over lips services. According to the album titled, JESUS. The world of the artist he world of the artist known as Amigo Peerez.
Amigo Peerez is now not only a professional Land Surveyor but a Gospel Music Artist with a great influence of the Holy Spirit.

A devout husband, Peerez is happily married with a blessed family.

How To Hear And Follow God

Hearing God and follow His day-to-day leading of your life, as your Father and always follow Him in OBEDIENCE. By allowing Him through the Holy Spirit Teach, Direct and Lead you in everything you do on a daily basis. Don't believe in your own strength, but the WAY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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