From the ancient city of Benin in the family of Williams Ohikhokhai of Afuze, Owan East LGA of Edo state Amigo Peerez was born. Endowed with both talent and strength of character. Amigo Peerez is one of the surviving voice of our time due to the influence of the Holy Spirit for his inspiration through which his messages through his music is bringing a great inspiration and encouragement to the world at large.

His mother, one of a great traditional dancer and singer is a pointer to the talent of this young man. But unlike his mother, Amigo Peerez seemed destined to lead his voice and talent to a secondary culture where music is more of a profession, determined by far reaching market factors. This began the musical odyssey of a rare talent.
Growing up in the ancient city of Benin, at 15 he was already a lead soloist in the local church choir. Applauded as local choir star, the world could not have imagined the capacity of this young man until an equally young and dynamic star, his Teacher Magnus Grey emerged on the scene.
For the past seventeen years which have seems to be like a delay, denial has helped to fortify and mound him the courage as he finally emerge into the limelight with a new style.
Amigo Peerez continued with his education at then Auchi Polytechnic now Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo state, rather than compromise his style of music, he was in Auchi Polytechnic interjecting his education to raise fund to personally push his music.
Now, as a professional Land Surveyor, one would have thought that he would have long gotten over the whim for music but rather, he seem set to take on music where he left off as he makes his debut entrance with a sensational promotional album. It is a long journey, but I dare say, he has actually only just begun to take the first step in the right direction of his heart. The music industry is just about to experience A Different World with Amigo Peerez.
A devout husband, Peerez is happily married with a blessed family.